THE player-manager of Maindy Conservative Football Club’s book is based on the notes he wrote on the side-line and the spirit of Sunday League football.

‘Park Life’ is a snapshot of the Rhondda based football team over four seasons.

Peter Roberts’ end-of-season presentations were looked forward to by the players as he mentioned the things that are often forgotten.

The presentations included goals that were often exaggerated and other heroics that were mentioned in the pub afterwards.

His book dives into subjects ranging from games being abandoned to his own footballing experiences.

The Welshman touched on stories that are only evident in local football.

Roberts also captured the community spirit that the Rhondda Valley is known for.

“I wanted to capture how football is at the heart of the community.

“The pubs and clubs cement the community together.

“It’s not easy to run a club and the league, and my admiration goes out to the unsung heroes – without these people, local football wouldn’t survive.”

The manager wanted the outcome of his book to improve participation in Sunday League football.

“The end product of the book is to encourage people to play football at a local level.

“All grassroots sport has a concern for the future, not everyone wants to do the glamourous jobs – but this is needed for the clubs to continue,”

Roberts mentions events like the referee’s not turning up, to games being abandoned as there were only 6 members on the team left on the pitch.

The manager also got his role as he was the oldest player in the squad, something that sounds so typical of Sunday league football.

The Disability Advisor at the University of South Wales now plays veterans’ football, a league for those aged over 40. He first got introduced to the sport over four decades ago.

The reasons for why this level of football is so attractive to participants was also mentioned.

“Local football is obtainable, certain types of football is so distant. This (Sunday league) is achievable and something you can do with your friends”

Roberts is also in the process of writing another book, but with a slightly different topic.

The book focuses on the clubs and pubs of the Rhondda that didn’t survive.